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A CLOSER LOOK: LMS this Saturday

  • “Last Man Standing” is exactly what it sounds like. The first competitor to be unable to answer a standing 10-count by the referee loses.

  • A “standing 10-count is answered by rising to your feet, or to a “fighting position” acceptable to officials. Referee’s discretion is utilized.

  • No disqualifications are typically administered in this match. There are no-holds barred, no count-outs and no rope-breaks. The referee is there solely to overlook the safety of the competitors and administer the 10-count.

  • There are no pin-falls counted; no submission; and no TKO. The only way to win is by standing 10 count.

  • LMS matches can tend to be quite intense, often un-sanctioned and not recommended for spectators with heart conditions.

This Saturday 11/5 Salyers and Evans look to settle the score, once and for all at the Reckoning. Tickets are EXTREMELY LIMITED. Get yours before they’re gone.



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