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Is This Group the Next Super Force of the AWF?

AWF Officials have recently announced an 8-man tag team match will take place at defiance between Lights, Camera, Faction! (all 4 members - AWF Tag Team Champions: Watson & Fresco Mattic; Action Braxton; & Ice Williams ) and their opponents of Charles Cassus; Evan Daniels; Chubby Depp; & Ricky Rayez.

Many AWF Stars have banded together in the past, for reasons such as morale; confidence; strength in numbers; protection; and so on, and so on... Going into Defiance, the Brothers of Wrestling have been teamed up with two of the brightest shining up & comers in the AWF today. Ricky Rayez has been strongly making a name for himself in the AWF Unleashed division, while Chubby Depp is... well, Chubby Depp... (aaaaannnddd.... #ChubbyMania).

Nothing has been specifically stated, but if all four men were to fire on all cylinders and get the wheels rolling in the same direction... What could that look like?


Easily the muscle of the operation, but also a big hand in the "smarts" department. A former-AWF Champion, Cassus is no stranger to the spotlight. Always cerebral, always overpowering, Cassus is ultimately one of the scariest men in the locker room. And most dangerous.

Role in the group: Bodyguard/Expert Tactical Strategist


Young. Hungry. A bit of an attitude. A bit over-aggressive at times... Turbo Time is more than cheesy grins and flashy moonsaults. Rayez is a competitor on the edge of getting his big break in the AWF, and doing everything in his power to get there quicker than expected. He's a pivotal asset in bringing the group success, victories... and perhaps even some AWF gold.

Role in the group: Belt collector/"Shock & Awe" Specialist


Moves like Michael; Swagger like Mick; And more Haynes Underwear sponsorship requests than Jordan & Sheen combined... CHUBBY MANIA! What more could you want in a guy, besides his ability to get you into ALL of the hottest MJ costume party raves & underground celebrity shin digs? Oh yeah, he's a pretty darn good wrestler in the ring, too! Impressive victories through 2021, a brutal back-and-forth over the summer with Ray Black (one of the toughest, baddest & meanest men in the AWF), and those running suicide dives? The glasses say it all- you don't just WANT Chubby on your team... you NEED Chubby on your team!

Role in the group: VIP Admission Extraordinaire/Expert in #winning


Daniels is also no stranger to winning in the AWF. The first-ever AWF State Champion; former-AWF Unleashed Champion; former AWF Tag Team Champion; Gold Rush tournament winner; and on multiple occasions has found himself literally within a buzz-cut-hair's length of becoming AWF Champion. Not only does success follow Evan Daniels like bad traffic when you're late for work, but many consider him to be an ultimate shot-caller. AND he's managed to speak the language that keeps the monster Cassus on his side for good. In this group, Daniels may just be the right guy to steer the ship.

Role in the group: Leader/possible AWF Champion???

Of course, time will have to tell what will ultimately take place... But at Defiance, we'll see just how these four function as a unit. In my opinion, this could be the next group to run roughshod over the AWF- and give Lights, Camera, Faction! a definite run for their money!

Get your tickets to AWF Defiance (SAT Nov 13 in Phoenix, AZ) by clicking here!



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