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#1 & #2 Meet Again, This SAT in Tucson

This past May, Aydan Colt and Ricky Rayez both entered the Wildcard Rumble as entrants #1 and #2. Both man also went the distance, being the two last competitors, at the match's conclusion. Ultimately, Aydan Colt was victorious, earning the second AWF Wildcard Rumble win of his career.

Some argue that Alvaric Reiner aided with an assist, interfering by holding Rayez (after Reiner had been eliminated)- thus allowing Colt to eliminate Ricky Rayez.

Will Ricky Rayez capitalize on his opportunity to get a "W" back from Aydan Colt? Can he get vindication for coming so close to winning this year's Wildcard Rumble match and being cheated out of it at the very end?





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