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3 Quick Reasons We WISH Lawrence Tyler Will Accept Reiner's Challenge!

Ever since the news dropped yesterday, both the offices at AWF HQ and the FanNation has been abuzz about the possibility of us getting to see Lawrence Tyler defend his AWF Championship against Alvaric Reiner at AWF Christmas Brews-ing on December 11th!

While there is still no confirmation as to if Tyler will accept Reiner's challenge, we're going to give you 3 quick reasons that we strongly hope he will!

  1. TO SHUT... HIM... UP!!! Ever since Alvaric Reiner came in to the AWF, he has seemingly never ceased running his mouth! Whether it be in-ring, or out of ring... After a win, or after a loss... During his matches, or during his interview time in the back... Reiner is the king of misguided trash talk. Lawrence Tyler, as everyone knows, is an AWF Legend and the king of "put up or shut up." A man of few words, Tyler has the perfect opportunity to do us all a favor, and finally shut up the Germanic blabber mouth!

  2. SILENCE THE DOUBTERS & NAYSAYERS Although most of us are fully on the Lawrence Tyler train and enjoying every second of him as AWF Champion, there are still those skeptical of his ability to hold on to the title for a lengthy rein. The fact that Reiner has issued this challenge so quickly upon his return shows that he's just of that mindset. And since Reiner is a 4-time former AWF Champion himself, this would be an astoundingly convincing way for Tyler to prove that he is for real!

  3. TO WIN IT FOR AMERICA!!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!! Ok... YES, we know that there's not always a need for extreme patriotism... and that Germany is a very friendly and outstanding member of the global community. As well as knowing that there's no sense in condemning an entire nation/culture because of just one man's tedious and annoying actions... But however, just like in the Olympics; doesn't it feel good to get a win for the home team? Go 'Merica!!!

So ultimately, time will have to tell for us to find out what AWF Champion Lawrence Tyler's response to the challenge will be. AND there is no clear guarantee that if he does accept the challenge, that he will come out victorious- because we all know that Reiner is insanely tactical and intensely strategic in everything that he does.

But one thing is for sure... if this match DOES occur on December 11th, there'll be many of us in LT's corner cheering him on to retain his AWF Championship!

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