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5 Things We Learned from The Elimination

I was backstage this past weekend at The Elimination in Phoenix, AZ. After watching the matches, interviewing talent, and giving it some long, hard thought... Here are the "5 Things we learned from The Elimination!" Send your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks & hate tweets to us: @RealGabeAnders or @prowrestlingaz - don't be shy! 1. Paradox and Ricky Rayez Are the Future of the AWF Unleashed Division As everyone in attendance saw, these two young men are possibly the two hardest working and highly talented competitors in the Unleashed division today. Both are destined and en route to great things. I wouldn't be surprised to see them bump into each other a few more times on their respective roads there... 2. The AWF Women's Division is catching fire fast 🔥🔥🔥 Viva Van is the AWF Women's Champion. Although the word in the back is that Sarah the Rebel will be soon passing the torch and transitioning into another role in the industry, Mylo proved there are plenty of hungry competitors on their way up who are hungry and ready to fill her space as #1 contender. Hopefully Viva Van is watching her game tape... 3. Lights, Camera, Faction are: FOR. REAL. To anyone who thought that their win over RMB last month was a fluke, your tone has to have changed following their win against Nino Black and Shogun Jones. Also, let's not forget that half of the team is the first ever AWF grand slam champion WATSON. And the other, FRESCO MATTIC, is an ultimate powerhouse in the ring... 4. Jordan Cruz is either Fearless, or Destined For An Unsavory Demise Jordan Cruz (current AWF State Champion) is at it again. I've warned him over the phone. I've warned him on air. I've warned him in person. But yet again, he's chosen to go after RICKY MANDEL. This time, making things INTENSELY personal by stealing Lilith and causing Mandel's elimination. I'm sure he's safe and secure in his coastal manor, polishing his gold and having his maid staff iron his new robes... But he's just taken this feud with the maddest hatter in the AWF to an entirely new level... 5. Alex Salyers is back... taking no prisoners... And reaching for gold. Alex Salyers has returned to the AWF with the chip of all chips on his shoulder. What we saw last Saturday night was a man possessed. A man who almost died. A man who's professional career AND life flashed before his eyes in the same moment. Now he's set those very eyes on current AWF Champion, LAWRENCE TYLER.

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