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A CLOSER LOOK: Brothers of Wrestling vs RMB

Facts and what to look for, heading into this AWF Tag Team Championship match at the AWF All-American Grand Slam.

The Real Money Brothers have run roughshod over the Arizona Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship division for nearly two years. At times, they've made their opponents look just silly by combining their brute force with their cohesive teamwork. Some argue that the Brothers of Wrestling may be the highest possibility of defeating RMB for the AWF Tag Team gold.

Here are some facts on both teams, heading into this All-American/All-Star quality championship match:

  • RMB has officially held the AWF Tag Team Championships for 679 days [at time of this article's publishing]. This makes them both the longest reigning AWF Tag Team Champions of all time and the longest reigning champions of any title in the AWF

  • The Brothers of Wrestling are the only three-time (3) AWF Tag Team Champions in history

  • Both "R-3" Charles Cassus and Evan Daniels have held singles championships, alongside their multiple AWF Tag Team Championship reigns (R-3: AWF Championship [1}; Daniels: AWF State Championship [1} & AWF Unleashed Championship [1})

  • Prior to RMB, the longest reigning AWF Tag Team Champions were the SouthWest Dream Team (AWF Champion Andy Palafox & Danny Gee) at 273 days (April 30, 2016 - January 28, 2017)

  • Cumulatively, the second-longest time spent as AWF Tag Team Champions after RMB, is the Brothers of Wrestling (371 days total, between their 3 reigns)

Many in the AWF FanNation believe that this could be one of the most evenly contended, brutal and highly competitive AWF Tag Team Championship match that we've seen in a long time... if not ever. One thing can be said: both the RMB (c) and the Brothers of Wrestling will be aiming to win not just this match, but also prove that THEY are the dominant- and possibly best EVER tag team- in AWF history.

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