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A CLOSER LOOK: Lawrence Tyler vs Watson

2021 AWF Wildcard Rumble winner LAWRENCE TYLER competes against former-AWF Champion WATSON at the All-American Grand Slam.

Lawrence Tyler is considered to be one of the most successful and accomplished professional wrestlers, this side of the Rio Grande. Watson is heralded by many as the future of professional wrestling. The two will square off on Saturday, June 26th at the New AWF Arena in Phoenix to see who is truly top dog of the Sonoran desert.

A few facts going into this match:

  • Both Tyler and Watson have held the AWF Unleashed Championship

  • Both competitors have held the AWF State Championship

  • Lawrence Tyler is the longest-running trainer at the AWF Academy, where Watson studied under Tyler's tutelage

  • Tyler recently won the 2021 AWF Wildcard Rumble match; Watson has never won an AWF Wildcard Rumble

  • Watson is a former AWF Champion; Tyler has never held the AWF Championship

June 26, at the All-American Grand Slam, Tyler will try to build his momentum after winning the 2021 AWF Wildcard Rumble match. By winning this match, Tyler has earned the opportunity to challenge for the AWF Championship when and where ever he sees fit. After an iffy start to 2021, Watson will be competing to prove that he deserves a spot within the race for the AWF Championship, once more.

Will "the future" of the Arizona Wrestling Federation prevail, thus proving that his previous title reigns were not just a "flash in the pan"? Or will Lawrence Tyler prove that there's still plenty left in the tank to cruise past all challengers, en route to the championship opportunity that he's rightfully earned?

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