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#AWFoverdriveVIII - 1st Inaugural AWF Anniversary Cup Invitational

ANNOUNCED: 1st Inaugural AWF Anniversary Cup Invitational will take place in Phoenix, AZ at Overdrive VIII (August 14th).

AWF Officials have announced that the 1st Inaugural AWF Anniversary Cup Invitational will be open to all competitors on the AWF roster, past or present. Officials have also stated that any non-AWF competitors wishing to compete may also enter this match, if accepted by match-makers.

Opening the 1st ever AWF Invitational has led to a massive reaction amongst talents in the region and the AWF FanNation. Talents will be considered from all states, territories and across neighboring borders. This will mark the most inclusive match in AWF history, with competitors vying to make a name for themselves in the most competitive pro wrestling organization in the South Western United States.

We will keep you posted on announced entrants and any match news, as it becomes available.

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