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Can Rayez “Turbo Heal” Before Triumph?

Ricky Rayez was set to team with AWF Heavyweight Champion Chubby Depp and AWF State Champion Paradox at AWF House Party in Mesa, AZ- until Watson & Fresco Mattic attacked young Rayez on his way into the ring. Sheer anarchy broke out, prior to getting the match underway. Rayez was helped to the back, for medical attention.

The injuries Rayez suffered have not been released. However, one can speculate from the footage of the night’s event, that it is most likely a leg, foot or some sort of lower body injury. And one that was severe enough that AWF Officials deemed him unable to compete that night, nearly instantly.

This marks the second time that LCF have attacked Rayez en route to a match. The first time was back in September, at Overdrive 9 in Phoenix, AZ.

Rayez is rumored to be entering into the “Open Invitational Battle Royal” to name a #1 contender for the AWF Unleashed Championship, at AWF Triumph on 2/25. Will he be healthy enough to compete? Will AWF Officials deem him eligible to compete?

If Rayez does enter into the invitational Battle Royal at AWF Triumph, do you think he can win it? Do you believe he can continue on to defeat Honest John and walk out as AWF Unleashed Champion? Tell us what your think in the comments below!

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