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Dad-bods, beer gulping, & moon-walking through pools of chips... CHUBBY DEPP has won his way into our hearts- AND into holding the AWF Heavyweight Championship!

In just little over a year, Chubby has expressed dominance in singles competition; become a fierce competitor in tag team action; won a Wildcard Rumble; and now sits atop the most important and storied pro wrestling division in all of Arizona: the AWF Heavyweight Championship division.

He'll face what could be one of the toughest challengers right off the bat, in the only 4-time AWF Heavyweight Champion in history, Alvaric Reiner. Reiner opted out of the prior champion's invitation to make the Overdrive 9 main event a triple-threat. Reiner chose instead to recalibrate and demand AWF Officials honor his contract for a singles opportunity for the title. Reiner has won the AWF Heavyweight Championship more times than any other pro wrestler.

Watch history as Chubby Depp makes his first-ever title defense of the AWF Heavyweight Championship at The Elimination- SAT Oct 8 in Phoenix!

Click here to buy your tickets - act fast, as seating is EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!



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