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Chubby Depp - #2 All Time, Days Held (Total)

MAT STATS - Current AWF Heavyweight Champion CHUBBY DEPP is currently ranked No. 2 all-time in Days Held, cumulatively for the Arizona Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship. His current reign has put him in position to chase Alvaric Reiner's record of 475 days total as AWF Heavyweight Champion, across four title reigns.

Notable AWF Heavyweight Champions:

  • Alvaric Reiner - 475 Days (4 times champion)

  • Chubby Depp - 391 days (3 times champion)

  • Andy Palafox - 329 days (2 times champion)

  • Chris Evans - 183 days (2 times champion)

  • Mike Camden - 182 days (1 time champion)





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