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Chubby Depp Saves LJ Ramos at Nova 2

Following the match between RAY BLACK and LJ RAMOS, CHUBBY DEPP came to the aid of Ramos from being brutally attacked by Ray Black.

After getting disqualified in their match, RAY BLACK proceeded to attack LJ Ramos with his belt. The referee of the match was unable to persuade Black to stop. After a tense couple of minutes, Depp appeared from the locker room area. Black instantly fled, allowing AWF referees to tend to the injured Ramos. It appears that the "Chubby Chip Challenge" at Overdrive VIII may not have been the final encounter between the two rivals. Ramos is believed to be grateful for Chubby Depp's help. It's rumored that Depp invited Ramos to a post-event party in the downtown Phoenix area. We've not received confirmation if Ramos attended or not.

***UPDATE: AWF Officials have announced that Depp & Black will compete in a Strap Match, SAT September 18th at AWF Retribution, in Phoenix, AZ!***

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