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Lorenzo Healing After Barbed Wire Match With Salyers

Photo: Macormac Image Works

Lorenzo (pictured above) has reported to AWFLIVE.COM that he is recovering well and anticipates being 100% for Retribution, SAT November 18th in Phoenix.

Lorenzo sustained multiple lacerations to his face and body, after being struck multiple times by Alex Salyers in their "barbed-wire is legal" match at The Elimination, in Gilbert, AZ.

'Zo the "Pretty Boy" claims that he's confident he'll be medically cleared by the end of October. The competitor from Scottsdale, AZ is rumored to be scheduled to compete in the AWF Showcase on 11/4 to test his recovery, in the ring.

AWF presents RETRIBUTION - SAT 11/18 in Phoenix, AZ - click here to get your tickets!



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