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Love Him, Or Hate Him... Jordan Cruz is For Real

Ricky Mandel may have his hands full at Defiance when he attempts to gain his second AWF State Championship. Jordan Cruz has admitted multiple times, on air and off, what he thinks of the AWF FanNation. Even to go so far as rubbing it in when the beloved Phoenix Suns lost in the NBA finals earlier this year. But heading into Defiance, all points may be moot when he defends his championship against Ricky Mandel. Because whether you agree with or appreciate his tactics, Jordan Cruz has become one of the most winningest AWF Stars of 2021. Luckily for Cruz, the title cannot change hands on the results of a popularity contest. Although we've seen him score victories through less than savory tactics, one most recently being the holding of his opponents tights, Cruz has successfully retained his title nonetheless. Now he will face a man who made him tap out earlier this year, Ricky Mandel. Given his expertise and phenomenal ability to get the job done, what new strategy will Jordan Cruz implement as he faces an old foe once again? Get your tickets to Defiance, Saturday November the 13th in Phoenix Arizona by clicking here. Act fast, seating is extremely limited!



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