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Nova 2 Ends in Relentless Brawl

Saturday night's main event ended in a brawl between AUTSIN COLE, ANDY PALAFOX, CHRIS EVANS & AWF Champion LAWRENCE TYLER in Phoenix, AZ.

The AWF FanNation was on the edges of their seats watching an intense battle between Andy Palafox and Austin Cole, in the night's main event. It was a competitive battle, until Chris Evans came out to give his protégé the upper hand on his competitor. AWF Champion Lawrence Tyler than came out to even the odds and take Evans out of the equation, resulting in an all-out brawl.

Seeing that all control had been lost, AWF Referee Sean Rankin proceeded to throw the match out, deeming it a no-contest. Once realized that the referees on-hand were not able to break the brawlers up, AWF Officials enlisted the help of AWF Stars to help maintain order. The locker room was seemingly cleared, as all competitors left in the building were sent out to break up the melee.

Announcements were made over the loud-speakers thanking the fans for their attendance, calling an end to the night's festivities. A blatant attempt to restore order in the building.

With these explosive elements in place, what kind of ruthless and barbaric fight will we see take place when Andy Palafox, Chris Evans and Lawrence Tyler compete in a triple-threat match for the AWF Championship, SAT Sep 18th at AWF Retribution in Phoenix?

Click here to get your tickets now to witness what may be one of the most vicious fights of the year, and quite possibly in AWF history! Act fast, seating is EXTREMELY LIMITED!



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