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PALAFOX vs DANIELS - No Time Limit

Tomorrow night, ANDY PALAFOX competes against EVAN DANIELS with no time limit, at The Reckoning in Phoenix.

Last month at Dire Consequence, PALAFOX and Daniels wrestled to a time limit draw. The month, AWF Officials have given these two exceptional competitors the opportunity to name a winner, by sanctioning a match this month that sheds the normal time limit.

Typically, matches in the Arizona Wrestling Federation are wrestled with anywhere from a 10 minute to 60 minute time limit. Rather than upping the time limit, AWF Officials have chosen to forego the limit altogether, to give the fans, and the wrestlers- who's winning or losing this match can impact both their rankings and contendership for future title opportunities- a chance to determine an uncontested winner.

Officials have clarified that falls for this match must still be counted in the ring. The match will also still be contended under traditional AWF rules. While the enforcement of these rules is always at the descretion of the assigned referee, a match time limit will not get in the way of these two fierce competitors, tommorow night.

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