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Ricky Challenges Chubby For AWF Championship in August

Ricky Challenges Chubby For AWF Championship in August

After not talking for months, since Ricky Rayez costed Chubby Depp the AWF Heavyweight Championship in April, the Phat & the Furious are seemingly on speaking terms again.

Although the two have been scheduled to compete as a tag team at AWF SLAMPEDE (SAT 7/29 in Phoenix - click here for tickets), Rayez has issued a challenge to Chubby Depp for the AWF Heavyweight Championship at AWF Gold Rush (SAT 8/26 in Phoenix -click here for tickets).

Watch the video below to see Ricky Rayez challenge Chubby

Can Rayez and Chubby function as a team, even thought the two will fight in August for the most prestigious title in Arizona wrestling - the Arizona Wrestling Federation Championship?

Who's side will you be on as the Phat fights the Furious for the title?


Aydan Colt & Alvaric Reiner vs Chubby Depp & Ricky Rayez (The Phat and the Furious) - AWF Slampede! 7/29/2023


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