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Salyers Used Brass Knuckles To Beat Tyler at The Elimination

Days after the event took place in Phoenix, AZ last Saturday night, a new photo has started circulating around the AWF offices and social media channels.

Winning his return match in the main event of The Elimination event, Alex Salyers appears to have used brass knuckles to secure his victory over Lawrence Tyler, and his Elimination team

After reviewing the footage of the event, AWF Officials have confirmed that the 'knucks (sic) were not given to Salyers from a spectator, or from any of the competitors at ringside.

By gaining the pin fall over current AWF Champion Lawrence Tyler, Salyers has secured his position as #1 Contender for Tyler's title at DEFIANCE (November 13th, in Phoenix, AZ). This decision was made prior to the photo surfacing of Salyers' boosted strike.

Speculation has started to rise as to why exactly Salyers would come prepared, with such a weapon concealed on his person. Could he have felt that his time away may have stunted his performance or costed him the match? Why would he enter into the ring with such an incredibly strong equalizer on him?

Let us know why you think Salyers resorted to using the brass knuckles in the comments below, or by tweeting us @prowrestlingaz !!!


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Below is the photograph that is circulating AWF HQ. Photo courtesy of Macormac Image Works



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