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This Saturday: Michael Hopkins vs Chris Evans

Chris Hopkins is set to compete against Chris Evans at AWF Christmas Brews-ings at the PHX Beer Co. this Saturday...

Here's a quick snapshot to preview this match-up!

Chris Evans is the first-ever AWF Champion and just acquired his second reign with the title earlier this summer. However, his reign was cut short (to only minutes long) as Lawrence Tyler played his Wildcard Rumble opportunity shortly after.

Michael Hopkins has been giving the current AWF State Champion (Jordan Cruz) a run for his money as of late. On two occasions, it appeared that Hopkins had the gold locked in as a sure thing. But both times, Cruz was able to wiggle out to retain his championship.

Both men are highly competitive, extremely athletic and have intense move sets that combine straight power, mat technicality and death-defying areal assaults.

Will Hopkins make a name for himself this Saturday by knocking off a living AWF Legend? Or will Chris Evans add another notch to his already highly decorated belt?

Click here to get your tickets now to AWF Christmas Bews-ing.

If you can't be in attendance, you can watch this (and past events) by subscribing to the AWFnetwork here for only $3.99/mo. AWF Christmas Brews-ings is anticipated to be added on Saturday, December 18th.



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