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What IS a Texas Death Match?

At AWF Slampede, Alex Salyers takes on Chris Evans in the first-ever Texas Death Match in AWF history. But, what exactly... are the rules?

Here are some of the main points:

  • No disqualification

  • No holds-barred

  • Both competitors must sign "hold-harmless agreements" With AWF Officials, prior to the event

  • Decision is at the discretion of the referee (or AWF Officials)

  • There must be a winner

How to win:

  1. You must pin your opponent for the count of three (3), then:

  2. Your opponent must fail to answer a "standing 10-count" from the referee

AWF Officials and the competitors involved have agreed that this is the best way to settle what's become a storied, 8-year feud between Evans and Salyers.

Click here to get your tickets to AWF SLAMPEDE - SAT Jul 29 at the Maverick Salon in Phoenix, AZ.



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