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What is the AWF Wildcard Rumble?

What is the AWF Wildcard Rumble match?

As we enter that time of year, you may be asking yourself this very question! The Wildcard Rumble match is an annual event, that gets its origins from AWF Gold Rush 2014 - the night that the very first AWF Heavyweight Champion was crowned. Years later, the match had become such a spectacle in its own, that it warranted its very own, devoted night's special event!

Wildcard Rumble winners have gone on to compete - and in many cases become - AWF Heavyweight Champions. It has catapulted many careers into AWF stardom and built many unknown competitors into instant-legends.

We'll look closer at the history of the match as the event nears, but for now here's an introduction into the rules and logistics of the match itself. Variances can occur, but these are the "traditional" AWF Wildcard Rumble rules and logistics.

  • The Wildcard Rumble match is traditionally a 20-person "over-the-top-rope" style, Battle Royal match. Variances on the amount of entrants can occur, by year

  • 2 competitors start the match; then all following competitors come out in 30-90 seconds intervals, until all competitors have entered the ring

  • The match ends and a winner is awarded when all competitors have been eliminated "over-the-top-rope" but one. The last person remaining is declared the match's winner

  • The Wildcard Rumble is open to AWF competitors of all genders; AWF Stars both active and inactive; AWF Academy alumni (on approval); and any other competitors approved by AWF officials

  • Traditionally, the prize awarded is a championship opportunity for an AWF Championship of their choosing, at a time the winner selects. Prizes are announced each year, prior to the start of each match

  • There is no match stoppage from the commencing bell, until a winner is declared

Now you know the basics of the AWF Wildcard Rumble match! Now if your friends (or a stranger at the bar) ask you "what the heck is that Wildcard Rumble match thing???" - you'll be ready to sound like an expert!!!



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