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Why Watson’s Title Win at The Reckoning DOES Count

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Watson stands over Chubby Depp after defeating him at The Reckoning (Photo: F3FAU)

One week after Watson's stunning attack on Ricky Rayez and shocking AWF Heavyweight Championship win over Chubby Depp... context has been added to why the title-change occurred and has been approved/sanctioned by the AWF Officials' Championship Board.

Many have argued that Chubby's decision to defend the AWF Heavyweight Championship was made under duress. Many argue that Watson has no right to be rewarded for his despicable act of locking himself inside the cage and assaulting Ricky Rayez, as a means to procure an impromptu Championship match. Many argue that the title change should be stricken from the record books, as punishment for Watson's heinous actions.

All arguments equal, AWF Officials have recognized the title change due to one simple reason:

"Chubby Depp was of sound mind and accepted Watson's challenge, while agreeing to Watson's specific stipulations for the match to take place immediately/that night. Chubby Depp was questioned by the referee of record and deemed capable to compete. Rather than awaiting the help of AWF Official intervention, Chubby Depp took it upon himself to remedy the situation at hand.
We commend Mr. Depp and as consolation to his bravery and willingness to provide aide to his fellow AWF Competitor, at sacrifice of his own championship status and personal well being, have awarded him a rematch at AWF Ascension. We would like to provide Depp the opportunity to win back his title, in as evenly matched of a setting as possible."

Can Chubby win back his championship at AWF Ascension? Or will Watson prove that this is truly the start of his 2nd era as AWF Heavyweight Champion?

Tickets for AWF Ascension are available here - event takes place Saturday, April 22nd at the Simple Machine Brewing Company in Phoenix, AZ!


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