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A Closer Look: Ricky Mandel Returns at Grand Slam

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Ricky Mandel returns to AWF action at the All-American Grand Slam, Saturday June 26th at the New AWF Arena in Phoenix, AZ.

Insane. Crazy. Deranged. Lunatic. Champion. All words that have been used to describe RICKY MANDEL throughout his illustrious career, in the Arizona Wrestling Federation.

Not too many competitors strike fear into the hearts of their competitors the way that Ricky Mandel does. Be it communicating with his family of dolls, shaping balloon animals for his opponent mid-match or attacking them with his "unorthodox" fighting style, Ricky Mandel has mounted up victories against some of the greatest competitors to grace the AWF squared circle. Even allowing him to gain a successful AWF State Championship reign, in his tenure,

JORDAN CRUZ, who has seen success as of late in his own right, will surely have his hands full as he prepares to take on one of the AWF's most "outside-the-box" competitors. Ricky Mandel doesn't just live "outside-the-box", one can legitimately question if he has ever even seen inside the confines of said "box".

Who will escape victorious as these too fierce competitors battle for rank at the All-American Grand Slam? One thing can be said- this match will be ANYTHING but ordinary...

Get your tickets to watch Mandel return to wrestle Jordan Cruz in Phoenix by clicking here. Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED so be sure to get your tickets today!



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