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Colt & Reiner: Potential Dominance?

Phoenix, AZ: AWF Heavyweight Championship… AWF Tag Team Championships… AWF State Championship… AWF Unleashed Championship… and a Wildcard Rumble win, each… This is just the first page of Aydan Colt & Alvaric Reiner’s extensive and highly successful resume.

Both stars have found much success in the Arizona Wrestling Federation and in pro wrestling in general. At AWF Ascension, Aydan Colt produced documentation from AWF Officials that interjected him and a tag team partner into the Championship Match (originally scheduled between Austin Cole/Ray Black vs Cosmo Orion/GMO Kaminari). 

To the AWF FanNation’s surprise, Colt’s partner was Alvaric Reiner. The two seem to have formed a friendship together as of late, stemming from when Reiner served as guest referee between Aydan Colt and Rudy Rogers, in a steel cage match at The Reckoning back in March.

The team was not successful in obtaining gold, as the team of Aerospace (Cosmo Orion & GMO Kaminari) gained the victory, thus becoming AWF Tag Team Champions for the first time.

Only time will tell what these two scoundrels of men have in store for the rest of us at future AWF live events. But one thing’s for sure; it will most likely involve a lot of winning… and a lot of “boos.”

What will the team have in store for us as the Wildcard Rumble, SAT May 27th at the PHX Beer Co.? Get your tickets now by clicking here!


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