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This Saturday: Ray Black vs Aydan Colt

Ray Black is set to compete against Aydan Colt at AWF Christmas Brews-ings at the PHX Beer Co. this Saturday...

Here's a quick snapshot to preview this match-up!

Ray Black has already earned himself an AWF State Championship in his young career. Aydan Colt is a two-time AWF Tag Team Champion, alongside former tag team partner Adrian Hawkins. This will be a match-up of two former champions.

Both men are known for doing whatever it takes to win, with the edge of "ruthlessness" seeming to fall on the side of the youngster, Ray Black.

Aydan Colt won the first ever AWF Wildcard Rumble and has taken on the fiercest competitors that the AWF has to offer. Black is a relatively unknown competitor to Colt, and will prove as an excellent test for the young Ray Black.

Who will come out victorious as these two men compete for rank?

Click here to get your tickets now to AWF Christmas Bews-ing.

If you can't be in attendance, you can watch this (and past events) by subscribing to the AWFnetwork here for only $3.99/mo. AWF Christmas Brews-ings is anticipated to be added on Saturday, December 18th.



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