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RAY BLACK Wins AWF State Championship at Showcase

RAY BLACK wins AWF State Championship from PARADA... with assist from R-Three.

AWF Showcase (a two night event) was dominated this past weekend by latest roster standout, Ray Black. After defeating newcomer JAY SMOOTH, Black proceeded to win the night's main event: an invitational battle royal open to anyone who'd registered with AWF Officials beforehand. This battle royal was night one's main event, with the winner of the match earning a spot for the AWF State Championship against Parada, on night two.

During night two's main event, Black seemed to continue his disrespectful ways. While the two competitors were evenly matched for much of the night, an accidental kick that downed the referee allowed for outside interference. R-Three- Parada's challenger for the AWF Championship at the upcoming Reckoning event, next week- took the opportunity to interject himself into the match, costing Parada the AWF State Championship.

Black was thus able to capitalize on this interference and obtain the title. Parada has not been available for comment since the event. However, it's been reported that Ray Black was witnessed taking the celebration to the streets of downtown Phoenix, long into the night.

What repercussions will this have on the AWF Championship match this weekend between current champion Parada and his challenger R-Three? Have R-Three's many attempts to get into the psyche of the young champion? Or will Parada be able to, yet again, fend off the challenge of a former AWF Champion?

Get tickets to THE RECKONING, taking place next Saturday on 3/13 by clicking here.

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